Hpatent database

HPatent database-building

"HPatent database-building" is a patent information retrieval, and the establishment of patent database platform tools, which is in the use of dynamic patent database, patent data to achieve online search. Dynamic patent database and the global patent database through the Internet achieve dynamic connection to retrieve and download, which also break the scope of the previous patent database and content limitations, and solve the language barrier, update is not timely, cumbersome operation, rough retrieval and other problems.
“HPatent database-building” has simple and practical operation, enterprises and scientific research units to establish the most powerful tool for patent database. For patent workers, intellectual property experts, intelligence experts, legal experts, researchers and other use.
1. Super search function: to provide multiple search entries, support for logical retrieval
2. High-speed stable download: You can connect the European Bureau, the US Intellectual Property Office, the Chinese Intellectual Property Office database, and download the patent information (abstract, manual, claims, legal status, view, full text) f including UPC And IPC (8) basic and extended information, citation patents, patent examiners, assistant examiners, agencies (people), etc.
3. Query function: query the directory, brochures, abstracts, claims, legal status of the keywords, words, and establish standard library sub-library
4. Automatically update the database
5. Secondary search: in the range of downloaded patents with the patent number, the applicant, the inventor, the international IPC classification , quickly find out the need to view the patent
6. Increase the patent: enter the new search conditions, to the original database to add new patents
7. Strong translation function: translation of multiple languages, English to Chinese. German, French, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Korean OR other languages to English.
8. Export function: the data can be exported to Word, Txt, Xml, Excel
Operating environment
Hardware: CPU - single-core more than 1GHz;
Memory - more than 1G;
Hard disk - more than 100G;
Network - above 512M
Software: System - Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / vista / 7/2008


Components --.NET Framwork 4.0, SQL Server2008, PDF reading software (recommended adobe Reader or Fuxi reader)