Patent Analysis

Consulting team

In today's world, the rapid development of science and technology and the rapid development of knowledge economy, the process of economic globalization is accelerating. The possession of knowledge and advanced technology research and development has become the enterprise in the fierce competition in the market environment, and the key to survival and development. Patent information as a set of technical information, legal information, economic information as one of the important strategic information source, was got more and more people's attention. According to statistics, the world's latest invention and creation of information, 90% -95% through the patent literature was presented for public. Therefore, in-depth analysis of patent information system, the enterprise to develop a correct and effective development strategy is very important.
 Hamilton Innovation Technology Co., Ltd is based on independent innovation patent search and patent analysis system, with a professional analysis team and accumulated over the years of experience, for enterprises and government departments to provide integrated patent advisory services.
Based on patented analytical tools developed by Hamilton Innovation Technology Co., Ltd, the consulting team is able to provide customers with a high level of international advanced analytical concepts and methods, and all the analysts have a master's degree or above, with a solid professional basis. The consulting team have undertook hundreds of consulting projects, industry categories involving machinery, automotive, electronics, optics, chemicals, materials, medicine, aviation, aerospace, etc., which accumulated a wealth of project experience.