Typical Cases

Miniature mobile robot patent strategy research

Project Name: Micro-mobile robot patent strategy research
Project Objective: Micro-robot is a new field and focused on the development direction in civil, military, scientific experiments. China's research on micro-robot is relatively late, and the Institute currently in the research of micro-robot project has more than ten topics. As the scientific research needs to learn from foreign bionic machine fish, snake robots and other aspects of the patented technology research are studied for scientific and technological innovation, to create more scientific and technological achievements, so commissioned by the company to provide information services.
Project results: In March 2006, Hamilton Innovation Technology Co., Ltd began to collect domestic and foreign micro-robot related technology patents and collected more than 1,500 related patents, after screening, including 10 on the underwater robot; 7 on the snake-type robot ; 8 on the EOD robot. Most of patent information can be used directly for the R & D personnel. Consultants of Hamilton Innovation Technology Co., Ltd are also based on Logistic model analysis to predict the development trend of micro-robot technology. The final project was submitted in the form of a micro-mobile robot patented technical analysis report.
Project evaluation: The leadership of the Institute fully affirmed the study of Hamilton Innovation Technology Co., Ltd, the analysis of the report was given a high evaluation.
USA REMOTEC: Tracked miniature robot