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Hamilton Innovation Technology Co., Ltd is a professional organization engaged in patent information consulting services. Hamilton Innovation Technology Co., Ltd started the first use of products with independent intellectual property rights, including "Hamilton patent database", "HIT database", "Hpatent database-buliding", "patent strategy analysis system", etc. And Hamilton Innovation Technology Co., Ltd provides all-round patent-related advisory services for enterprises such as patent analysis, patent implementation and patent strategy, etc.
Our company has put lots of efforts in the aspect of patent data collection, collation, patent strategy analysis, intellectual property management system. The company's service areas involve electronic communications, petrochemicals, aerospace, biomedicine, agriculture, forestry, machinery, new materials, new energy and other industries, in order to promote China's enterprise patent work and promote enterprises to strengthen the management of intellectual property rights, protection and utilization, Hamilton Innovation Technology Co., Ltd constantly strives to open up, keen on innovation, which is committed to providing customers with high standard products and services.
Advantages :
Powerful patent information tools - we have a strong patent database on the basis of own independent development, which supports the use of statistics and analysis of industry trends, competitors, product technology life cycle and other patent-related issues, and finishing patent maps, patent analysis reports to save a lot of time and effort for researchers.
Excellent professional consulting team - we have lots of well-known domestic and foreign strategic partners and experts and scholars to work on data mining, patent technology analysis, intellectual property legal advice, corporate intellectual property strategy consulting . Each team member has a solid professional level and excellent execution ability, at the same time they could provide professional personalized consulting services in terms of the requirements of customers.


Extensive experience in professional services - we have accumulated hundreds of consulting services experience, including: patented technology tracking, patented technology analysis, patent infringement analysis, patent strategy consulting. In the provision of advisory services for enterprises, we also have the teaching training to help enterprises to master proficiency in patent analysis of the elite talent to improve the level of application of patent information resources. Our aim is to help Chinese enterprises to take advantage in the increasingly fierce international market competition.