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Job Title: Sales Manager Assistant
Job responsibilities:
1 responsible for assisting the sales manager to complete the sales work
2 responsible for finishing the sales department documents
3 responsible for the daily operation of the sales department
Job requirements:
1 junior college education and above, major unlimited
2 more than 1 year sales assistant work experience
3 strong sense of responsibility
4 strong communication and coordination skills, strong affinity
5 skilled use of WORD, EXCEL and other office software
6 good team cooperation
7 Location: Beijing - Haidian District
Job Title: Sales
Job responsibilities:
1 responsible for the area under seeking for the new customer and customer information
2 regular visits to customers, sales of company products
3 communicate with customers smoothly, grasp the needs of customers, and understand the customer status
4 regularly organize and analyze the customer profile and sales data
5 accept customer complaints and solve the problem in the proper maner
6 participate in the negotiation and signing of the contract
7 seek for government resources.
1 Bachelor degree or above, good English reading and communication skills
2 standard mandarin and have enthusiasm towards intellectual property
3 more than three years sales or consulting work experience
4 have good language organization and communication ability
5 keen insight into the market, high degree of professionalism
6 adapt to long-term travel
7 familiar with patent agents, patent law, and patent knowledge is preferred
8 experience in software sales priority
9 location: Beijing OR Chengdu
Job Title: After - sales service
Job responsibilities:
1, the software system after-sales service
2, system training customer service
Job requirements:
1 college education
2 familiar with the database system SQL
3 customer service experience
4 strong learning abilities, and accept travel.
5, Location: Chengdu- high-tech district