Typical Cases

Patent database

Project Unit: National Science and Technology Library and Documentation Center
Project Purpose: The National Science and Technology Book and Documentation Center is a virtual technology document information service organization established in 2000 according to the instructions issued by the State Council. According to the national scientific and technological development needs, the center is committed to the collection, collection and development of science, engineering, agriculture, medical disciplines in the field of scientific and technological literature resources for the country to carry out scientific and technological literature information services. The Center, through extensive research, commissioned the company to provide information services in the field of patent.
Project Achievements: The patent intelligence database (more than 13 million world patent documents) provided by Hamilton Innovation Technology Co., Ltd has greatly enriched the amount of information in the center, installed the HIT storehouse with the foreign patent database, and collected the full text of a large number of foreign patents, Instructions, claims, views, home page and the full text of the patent and other data. And a large number of patent literature query services was provided through the network to the center of the member units of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Library, Engineering and Technology Library (China Science and Technology Information Institute, Machinery Industry Information Research Institute, Metallurgical Industry Information Standards Institute, China Chemical Information Center), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Library, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Library.