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Tobacco machinery patent database

Project Name: Tobacco Machinery Patent Database
Project Unit: Kunming Ship Equipment Group Co., Ltd
Project process: Kunming Ship Equipment Group Co., Ltd., is light, machine, electricity and information technology, science, industry, trade as one of the large state-owned enterprises. As a state-owned enterprise, it has become the most important research and production enterprise of tobacco machinery research, production base and automated logistics system in China through continuous technological innovation. In 2003, the Hamilton Innovation Technology Co., Ltd provided the patent database of tobacco machinery patent strategy analysis of competitors, a detailed understanding and analysis of a major competitor in Germany, a company. Through the analysis, we understand the technical focus of the company, occupy the regional intention of the market, and through the recent patent technology research, understand the future development trend of the company, for the Kunming ship leadership to provide an effective strategic decision basis. Kunming ship immediately developed for the competitors of some single automation which is not high enough, the process which does not meet China's national conditions and other weaknesses of the coping strategies to develop new feature products with Chinese characteristics.