Patent analysis system

B/S patent information platform

 “BS patent information platform "is designed for the major research institutes and enterprises and institutions , which is tailored, very convenient and practical. It implements a multi-user browser to use, the establishment of patent database, management and analysis as one of the platform tools. Through the platform each R & D personnel can find the necessary patent information. Based on the B / S architecture, this paper realizes the platform model of database and retrieval and analysis. The platform is based on the B / S architecture. Advanced full-text search technology is build to achieve a fast, stable and accurate patent full-text search, to support distributed search function, with a strong patent statistical analysis. It has simple operation, easy maintenance, and high security.

Front desk view:
1 data retrieval management. Tree database structure, browsing clear and convenient. Support full-text search, the field search, secondary search.
2 statistical analysis of patent data. Patent data, IPC, citation, information applicant, inventor of the statistical analysis of information. And any field for statistical analysis.
3 patent data statistics report. Patent trend analysis, technical analysis, geographic analysis, peer analysis reports, multiple chart shows, flexible field combinations analysis. Comprehensive report generation function, can be a key to generate a complete patent report.
4 powerful customizable features. The system uses a three-tier architecture, the page presentation layer can be customized according to business needs, enterprises can also be based on their own needs for the interface and UI secondary development.
5 the patent data statistics chart. Statistics automatically generate columns, pie, scatter, fold lines, curves and other charts.
6 friendly interface and diverse. Front use of WEB standards and Ajax technology to make the interface more beautiful, friendly, simple and convenient operation process, and the page frame size can be free to switch.
Backstage management:
1, data update. Update, manage the backstage database.
2, data management. Add, modify the database, support batch data import and export, manually add.
3, perfect user, resource and rights management. By user authentication, different user / user groups have different operational rights for different resource / resource groups.
4, the management interface is simple and friendly. The basic operation of the system using a browser operation, making management easier and easy to use.
Operating environment
Server environment
Hardware requirements:
CPU processor: clocked over 1.0, and 2.0 dual-core or higher processor recommended.
Memory: 512 or more, more than 2G recommended memory
Hard disk space: 200MB free space, the proposed 5G available space
Running SQL Server and .NET may require more configured servers.
Software requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP SP3 / 2003 / Vista / 7/2008, recommended Windows7 / 2008
.Net platform: Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 above
Database: SQL server Express 2005 or higher, it is recommended to use SQL server 2008 R2
IIS version: 5.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.5 according to different operating system to determine
Others: MS Chart 1.0, running SQL 2008 requires PowerShell 1.0